Saturday, May 7, 2011

Find the Light

Do you ever walk through an IKEA store or even one of those highly sophisticated shops that charges a butt-load of money for an item and say, "Hey, I can make that!" Well my friends, you can. I decided to dedicate this particular post to various ways of vamping up everyday items into a nifty and unique lamps. I was first inspired by this idea during a random stroll in Austin, Texas. I stumbled upon a interesting lamp shade piece that was completely made of bottle caps. Unfortunately due to my recent moving process, I haven't been able to get going on it as fast as I would like. However, I have found many other pictures and ideas to help fuel the creative process. 

Let's start out with my future project- The Bottle Cap Lantern

This is a lamp from a unique store in Austin, Texas called Tesoros Trading Company. I have hundreds of unused bottle caps just sitting, waiting to be made into something awesome and this is the perfect project!

Candle lit Lanterns

One can also find a cool use for all those Campbell soup cans by making string lights or just plain candle holders. The will offer just enough light for any kind of outdoor fiesta!

I like the rustier ones better, but beggars can't be choosers.

Going off of the tin light ideas, one cannot forget about the piece of tin that already has hundreds of wonderful holes punched in it......the famous "cheese grater". I found a good picture from to show the grater's alternate purpose. 

I found this next item from my absolute favorite website (and book) If you haven't bought this book yet, DO IT NOW!
Anyhoo, these type of vintage tins can be found in any thrift store or junk pile. Just pick out one that has a unique pattern and color scheme and buy a lighting kit from any department store. Here is what junkmarket did...

Love, Love, Love!